Python Initial Impressions

Since Sunday night, I have been learning the basics of Python and some of the major ideas behind it. The reason for this is that while I do know some strong-typing programming languages, I have not had much experience with scripting languages aside from some VERY basic work in Perl over a decade ago that I have forgotten. I went in there knowing some aspects of Python such as it having some Object Oriented capabilities so that did help me pick it up quickly. After considerable code though I was able to make some initial impressions.

The reality is that Python is intended to be simple to read and simple to handle. As such, this makes for a minimal learning curve. As such, any smaller functions that just needs a simple script I could easily see myself using this. The reality is though that for any professional work I would be less likely to use this unless I would obfuscate the code, and even then my knowledge of other languages would be more beneficial in such a scenario.

Another issue is the implementation of object oriented design. The lack of encapsulation is rather troubling to me as it is one of the four major principles of object oriented programming. This does not spoil everything overall though as the basic reality is that for the purpose that it is intended for it is good enough. I will have to look into furthering my knowledge and skill with the language like I have been doing with C++ recently as I do see it being a great asset so I may talk more about what I find over time.