SATA = Shitty ATA?

Ok, this is a bit of a gripe I've had about the SATA standard for a while, but now it has become a major issue cause I want to get a DVD-RW drive but all of them are SATA and my motherboard only has 2 ports. In the case of the old IDE standard, 2 devices per channel could be used and that would be it. In the case of SATA though it only supports 1 device per channel unless a port multiplier is used which given their pricetag aren't worth it cause a SATA controller could be bought for half of the price. The biggest issue is that with the new SATA 3.0 standard it's STILL only 1 device per channel.

Now before anybody talks about hard drive performance and all that jazz allow me to break it down like this. To my knowledge the majority of consumer level SATA hard drives really don't go at 1.5 Gbps (which is actually 1.2 Gbps after taking overhead into account) so the decision to go 1 device per channel has little justification except for those using SSD or 10,000 RPM+ hard drives. Furthermore, as this is a DVD-RW burner we're talking about, it would only go 200 Mbps if it was maxed out on a task (which is actually pretty rare since most tasks don't require that much speed.) so it would not be a substantial bottleneck on the channel.

With this in mind, my simple question is why the fuck are they pushing for SATA on burners now and forsaking IDE? They're losing money on most storebought PCs being upgraded as most of them only have 2 SATA ports to begin with and just annoying people who don't feel like buying a new motherboard yet. Face facts, the people making the SATA standard may be thinking about performance, but they aren't thinking about usability or consumer friendliness. With this in mind, the SATA-IO group can kiss the brownest part of Eternal's fat ass.