Security Warning: Comcast Toolbar

I figure I would drop a line since I encountered this issue on a laptop that belonged to somebody in my major. Apparently, Comcast has released their own security suite in an attempt to make things more secure. Unfortunately, their software is extremely buggy and the uninstall leaves ComcastAntiSpy.exe on the computer and a registry entry exists for it. As a result, this file will max out one of the cores of a processor when it actually isn't doing anything. With that in mind, I suggest that those with this issue do the following.

1. Look in Add/Remove Programs and remove the program called "CA Realtime Protection." (This name is extremely shady to say the least since this is supposed to be a Comcast program.)
2. If it is still there, go to C:\Program Files\comcasttb\ (or whatever drive letter is acting as the root directory) and remove everything inside of it, then make sure that the startup for this program is fully removed manually.

I find it distressing that the programs that are supposed to help with security are actually worse than the threats they are supposed to stop.