This is going to be a personal (and not a technological) blog so feel free to go past this.

In the past, I was known for being wound up too tight and letting it get the best of me quite a bit. In short, one of the things that RaT was that I was letting the stress get to me too much and needed to change that. It wouldn't be until last year that I started to see how my interpersonal relationships had been effected negatively and decided to change my life as a result of it. What I didn't realize until recently though much damage had been done. After this realization, I am nothing short of horrified and hopefully I'll keep moving away from such destructive behaviors. Also, I kind of realized how much patience some people must have had with me, of note being RaT. With that in mind I wish to thank him as he was a major influence in jumpstarting some major positive changes in my life in the last 18 months.

Also, for those wondering what happened to prompt me to be practically not around for the last 4+ months I may as well talk about it now. One of the changes that has been made in recent months was the decision to go back to school and to dedicate the majority of time and energy to this effort. Thus far, this has been more successful than expected and with that in mind I legitimately have to thank Cisc0, Grey, Azrael, and (once again) RaT for their support.