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For those wondering, tomorrow the second PSP tutorial (Setting up and utilizing CFW Enabler) should hopefully be finalized and going up. I will mention in advance that I will not be covering setting up POPS at this tutorial and have no plans to do so unless there is enough interest. Also, a few people have been wondering why I am not active in the forums. The reason is that I don't have much involvement in the topics going on in the forums as I am not currently involved in software development. (This is subject to change as I am going back to college for CS.)

On another note, back in late September I started P90X mainly in an attempt to improve overall durability. (As RaT will mention, I actually need to gain weight cause I look like Skeletor to him.) The lesson that I've learned, NEVER laugh at certain exercises cause it can come back to haunt you, espically Yoga.