Demonoid Has OPEN registration !

There I was wondering around my "web" and was not looking for it but fate slapped me in the face, what happened was a dream come true....Demonoid was open for NEW members and I was all over it. Now I have been a member now for two days and I'm all done with warez sight's forever. If Demonoid don't have it then no one has it. I'm posting this because I saw member's here who were looking for invites, well consider yourself "invited" < > but if I were you I'd hurry before the Demon closes the door again. Just remember to OBEY the rules and you'll be OK, and if you give an invite out if that person gets banned then you too might get banned. But my heart is and will always be with "SoldierX" everyone else is nothing but script-kiddies and show-off's and we don't need that. One last thing, Thanks goes out to "RaT" for making this forum and making it available to the world. Now if I can only get him to make a button for my tool-bar.....(LOL).