MeTuS 3.0

Metus 3.0

*Plz. Note: If you download this it will get bounced and not download if you have your AV on because this is a hacking tool that I am sharing with you but I assure you that I have it and use it and it's a false-positive you get. I am also using NOD32 and it has categorized it as a virus and it's not. *Also go to "you tube" and search "MeTuS 2.8" and it will show you how to use this properly, but remember this for educational uses only and I nor will SoldierX be held responsible for any illegal activities.

The following features have been updated/tweaked/added:

USB Spread on Cmd - Fud Autorun.inf
Ip Address (Local and Public)
Firefox Passwords (fixed)
Uninstall All (With Confirmation)
Confirmation Added to Update Function
Ping Pong Added
New/Smaller Design

Your 2.8 and below bots will work correctly on all functions except USB spread on command. This can be simply
fixed by updating your 2.8 bots to 3.0. I will continue to work on this release and may release the source later
on Hackforums only.

This is not binded/crypted. I have uploaded to VirusTotal and Anubis just to prove this.