Ghost In The Machine - 2007 Posting...

From 2007:

To be true to my news posts in the past, I have been awake for over 48 hours. I have not felt the deprivation of sleep like this for what feels like an eternity. For those who once knew me, you knew me as the entity who does not sleep.

Approximately four years ago, my death via car accident was announced on SOLDIERX.COM. I am here today to tell you that while SOLDIERX has always been about the freedom of information, the information regarding my death was misinformation. This misinformation was inseminated into the Wired in an attempt to confuse and derail the forces within the United States Government from disapproving a security clearance. Despite the fact that the FBI has a large file on SOLDIERX, various organizations of the United States Government do not play well with eachother. I knew that they would not make the connection if I was dead, so that was the route that SOLDIERX took to protect me. The stupidity, corruption, and internal politics of the United States Government enabled this plan to work successfully.

I left SOLDIERX in order to work for our big brother in the national government of the United States. What did I do you may ask? I was part of an organization that does real life terrorism hacking simulations on various government networks. I was in no way associated with any of the duties of a corrupt and profiteering white hat glutton. As some of you may know, after learning about SOLDIERX, the federal government turned their back on me. They accused me of crimes that I did not commit and seized the entire SOLDIERX network. The full details regarding these events will not be disclosed to the public, but let it be known that we have received the majority of our aging equipment back.

I have come before you today to tell you that I have always been with SOLDIERX. Like an omnipresent ghost, I have waited in the shadows watching the public version of SOLDIERX crumble. It was very painful to watch all of this, but it was a necessary evil. It was necessary so that we could accomplish the goals that we were able to accomplish privately. While these things cannot be disclosed to the public, many of you know what they were.

I am here to reinstate my beliefs and bring back the views that I felt could no longer exist when I left. Through efforts of various forces, there are very few exploits being published by white hat bitches. Many have felt the wrath of the things that happen to those who believe in "full disclosure". Information is made to be free; but in order to free it, we must act as soldiers against our conniving oppressors. Vulnerability information must be kept private from the forces that desire to stop us. We cannot allow our weapons to be disabled by patch after patch. We must stand together even if it is only by the means of silence. Even if you choose not to join us, please remember these simple rules about hackers. Rule # 1 - Hackers break into computers. Rule # 2 - Hackers don't do anything to make rule # 1 any harder. I leave you now with a quote from the founder of a different revolution, Benjamin Franklin. "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

Nobody Can Stop Information Insemination!