What Antivirus, Firewall and AntiSpyware are you using? (Personal introspective. I knew better)

Extraordinary site; content inline with my interests.

The Admin's & Moderators actually perform their relevant duties (amazing).

Concise relation between user comments and form topic, uncommon on most sites as well as the primary reason I initially registered here.

My posts furthered topic degeneration, and contributed to relevance divergence.

After my postings strayed from the intended topic, I was corrected.

After reviewing my battery of posts, I realize how irrelevant my subsequent "contributions" became.

When users post information, statements/remarks not relevant or related to the topic; without structure data/knowledge is lost.

Thank you.

I am publicly apologizing to StigeX, Grey and the Soldierx community. In the most non disruptive way possible

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