The Ghost is back (Well sorta)

Ok seems some people know of me & others haven't heard anything about me...

I used to use IRC a lot & even got told where to go, when i wiped out one of the servers.. Well they were banning everyone that joined, if they didnt have an EX in front of the nick..

Then i went onto reverse engineering against M$, yes I've had a lot on my hands with this..

Anyway I've finished quite a few vers of M$ 7even & found a lot of bugs & even phone homes, that i've removed..

However.. The Ghost is coming back, as of today, i've had enough of both Paypal & Ebay..

Paypal like to do business, however there own way.. if they don't agree they limit your account & will block you from gaining access to your funds for upto 6 Months.. Now today they finally released my funds.. but took untold phone calls & lots of complaints..

Ebay, if they see that you are limited in paypal, then they limit you.. If they think you're selling something that you shouldnt then they limit you.. & in my case, my wife was selling clothes & they asked for invoices for them all..

So I've had it with these..

I swore to my wife, when my 1st born arrived that i wouldnt hack again.. But enough is enough...