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I wanted to apologize for any claims I may have made, or incorrect information given...I am still developing my knowledge of IT, and barely into security at that.

With that said, I wanted to apologize to all the other staff and members of Soldierx for being such a Douche and I will do my best to turn things around.


The Direction of Soldier X

I have been on the crew for a few months now and it seems that i too have gone the way of most others on the crew, I am to busy to do much. So I sit here at work considering what direction Soldier X should go.

As far as I can tell we are about IT security and full disclosure of exploits and security vulnerabilities. Since the introduction of the MRI we have deviated from that in a sense that most of our active users are focusing on the next release, rather than the process involved in reversing it and the concepts required to know what to fix to make it work for us.

I would like to see more learning, not necessarily in the area of reverse engineering and programming, not even learning how to code your own tools to hack. There is not enough learning of the basics of the infrastructure of the internet and it's protocols, the WAY exploits are exploited with tools that are already available, the process of exploiting the vulnerabilities in the human psyche.

More steps in progress

I find that while I am desirous of a position on the crew here at SoldierX, I lack some of the skills to really be of help. So I am taking off and trying to learn a few programming languages and learning the ins and outs of some protocols. I think I know where I need to look but if anyone has any suggestions, resources, hints, or tips please do leave comments. I am currently setting up a portable IDE and environment for PHP, Python, and Perl so that I am able to take my work with me. I am using XAMPP portable as my PHP testing environment. I am using Eclipse PHP IDE for writing and testing PHP projects, I am using strawberry Perl for my perl IDE and testing shell, and I am using Portable Python for my Python IDE and testing shell. any other tools and resources would be appreciated.

On to study I guess......

Tool entries

The coming tool entries I am listing have been used in unison with the Certified Ethical Hacker course. I realize that some of them are lacking in documentation or are somewhat lacking in features, however I feel that some of the best tools are those that serve a very simple and well defined purpose and have been used and cited as reliable by one of the most notable sources in IT security. I will try to list them with as much information as I am able to find.

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