Nice to be here...

I found this site while looking through the Internet for a definition of the phrase "control structures", a phrase that was used in a thread on my online university course; COMP230. I hate having to answer threads that ask questions which the course has not even addressed or in this case nothing on the eplatform even used the phrase "control structures". Really puts a burr under my saddle, uh huh.

The course is VBScripting with Database and the question was "Discuss the control structures used by VBScript to make conditional decisions and repeat blocks of code. Give examples of code using these decision-making and loop structures" Now having some experience with programming over the last thirty years I sort of knew what the question was alluding to, but still it got my dander up having been asked to expound on a concept that was not covered explicitly in that week's lecture.

Anyhow I found this cool post by user grey from SOLDIERX.COM which provided a nice clean bulleted list of Programming Control Structures dated 13 October, 2010:
The different control structures are as follows:
C).IF Conditional statements
D).WHILE conditional statements
E).FOR Conditional statements

It's a shame I don't remember how to use the infernal HTML tags which I labored so painfully to learn a few years ago otherwise I would format this post more profitably.

What I really wanted to say even if I am yacking at myself is that when I stepped through the door to this site the first thing that I saw was a phrase out of a song by Warren Zevon, "I'll sleep when I die". Damn if that didn't make me feel good. I like a lot Zevon's stuff so I decided to join the ranks of those whom I have belonged to for many years.