Unix in a Nutshell

Daniel Gilly
The Staff of O'Reilly Media

You may have seen UNIX quick-reference guides, but you've never seen anything like UNIX in a Nutshell. Not a scaled-down quick reference of common commands, UNIX in a Nutshell is a complete reference containing all commands and options, along with generous descriptions and examples that put the commands in context. For all but the thorniest UNIX problems, this one reference should be all the documentation you need.

The second edition of UNIX in a Nutshell starts with thorough coverage of System V Release 3. To that, we've added the many new commands that were added to Release 4 and additional commands that were added to Solaris 2.0.

Contents include:

* All user and programmer commands.
* New Korn shell documentation.
* Expanded text editing section, including GNU Emacs and nawk.
* Shell syntax (sh and csh).
* Pattern-matching syntax.
* vi and ex commands.
* sed and awk commands.
* troff and related commands and macros.
* sdb and dbx commands.

If you currently use either SVR3 or SVR4 or are planning to in the future, or if you're a Sun user facing the transition to Solaris, you'll want this book. UNIX in a Nutshell is the most comprehensive quickref on the market, a must for any UNIX user.