Why can't I see some of the links on the site?

If you do not have an account on the site, then you are very limited by what you can view. When you get an account, you agree to comply with our disclaimers - so there is a greater deal of content that we can legally offer you (our usage policy still applies without an account however). There are also various levels of membership - in some cases some information is restricted from lower user groups. The current hierarchy is as follows:

Anonymous User - the level assigned to anybody who accesses the site without an account.
Authenticated User - anybody who has an account.
SOLDIERX VIP - anybody who has donated to the group.
SOLDIERX Recruit - people being recruited into SX, status prior to become an actual inductee.
SOLDIERX Inductee - inductees of the SOLDIERX group (people working towards membership status).
SOLDIERX Member - member of the SOLDIERX group.
SOLDIERX Retired - retired member of the SOLDIERX group.
SOLDIERX High Council - member of the SOLDIERX High Council.
SOLDIERX Admin - reserved for members of the SOLDIERX group who administer the site.

If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to rat[at]soldierx.com.