IRL Name: 
Robert (Full name removed by Kohelet at request of ASTcell [identity verified])

Robert spent approximately 11 years in the Army working in intelligence. He is currently working as a systems engineer for a fire department and has been very active in the Defcon community (including photography). From our interactions with him at Defcon, he's always been a very friendly guy who supports open discussion about information security.

He lists his specialities as:
CMSCE training 1999. Deployment for OIF/OEF 2005-2008. Immediately deployable for worldwide missions with little or no notice. Civil Affairs/PSYOP Instructor. Diplomacy, public speaking, intelligence, FID/UW., system administration, network design, policy review, technical writing, analysis.


His TS-SCI has expired and I now retired from Federal Service.

Photographer for Defcon (including infamous pool 2 girl photo)

Owns and runs, world's largest repository of Defcon pictures!