Anna Chapman

IRL Name: 
Anna Vasil'yevna Chapman

Born in Russia in 1982, Anna Chapman was living in New York City when she made headlines in June 2010. Along with nine others, she was arrested on suspicion of working as a spy for the Russian government. Chapman plead guilty, and was deported back to Russia in July 2010, in the biggest spy swap deal since 1986. Her good looks made Chapman the focus of the media spotlight, and upon returning to Russia she posed for a men's magazine and hosted a TV show.


In Twitter, she asked Edward Snowden to marry her.

Dubbed as one of the 'Top 7 Sexiest Female Hackers'.

After her arrest, a former boyfriend leaked explicit pictures of Chapman, which led to more sultry photo shoots for magazines.


Others called her a seductress.

Not really a hacker