Barak Sternberg


Barak Sternberg is a Founder @ "Wild Pointer", Security Research Company, Barak is a frequent speaker at cybersecurity conferences, including DEFCON. His Previous Talks include: "Extension-land exploits and rootkits in your browser extensions" @DEFCON29, "Hacking smart devices for fun and profit" @DEFCON 28 IoT Village. Barak is also Hacker-In-Residence at YL Ventures, where he researches emerging cybersecurity trends and technologies & conducts technological due diligence. Prior to founding "Wild-Pointer", Barak was a Senior Security Researcher at Sentinel One and a Senior Security Researcher and Innovation Lead at Blue-Ocean. Barak holds a BSC Degree and a Master of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science focused on algorithms from Tel Aviv University.


Barak served for over six years in Unit 8200, an elite technological intelligence unit of the IDF.