Dr.SHA6H is a Syrian defacer who hacked the official United Nations website in Armenia and the Slovenian website of German antivirus software company Avira. His defacement message stated, “When patience and children being killed and women raped! three years in a row and there is no solution to the blood in Syria? what do you do if the blood of children oil… all the world is seeking to oil.. Is this humanity that we are studying in school and universities and everywhere? all we do now speech what action from government and human rights organizations!”

When he hacked and defaced 3 websites of the United Nations Information Center for Jakarta in May 2013, his defacement message stated, “Ops, This is Syria Today, Where are the claim to defend human rights? where are they fighting terrorism?”


He has more than 6,500 defacements archived in Zone-H.

His tweets related to his hacking exploits frequently include the language “Rescued #Syria”.