Ian Beer

IRL Name: 
Ian Beer

Ian Beer is a British computer security expert, white hat hacker, and a member of Google's Project Zero. There are those who consider him as one of the best iOS hackers. Beer was the first security expert to publish his findings under the "Project Zero" name in the spring of 2014; at this time, the project was not yet revealed and crediting the newly discovered vulnerabilities to it led to some speculation.

He is known for discovering a large number of security vulnerabilities in Apple products, including iOS, Safari and macOS, as well as helping create jailbreaks for iOS versions.One such discovery forced Apple to rewrite significant parts of the macOS and iOS kernel. Beer is also a vocal critic of Apple concerning its bug bounty program for iOS announced in 2016. The invite only program has been accused of low payouts. Beer has also criticized the company for not disclosing to its users why updates that fix the bugs should be installed.


Won pwn4fun last 2014 with JavaScriptCore bug and some kernel bugs.

He challenged Tim Cook to donate over $2 million to charity.