Igor Klopov

IRL Name: 
Igor Klopov

Igor Klopov is a former blackhat turned whitehat. He made a name for himself in the world of computer crimes when he was just 24-years-old. The New York Times reports that Mr. Klopov, while living in Moscow, was able to successfully use the Internet to obtain more than $1.5 million in funds from the financial accounts of individuals on the Forbes 400 list. Klopov was charged by New York State in 2007 and sentenced to 3.5 to 10.5 years in prison.


NBC News indicates that Mr. Klopov was able to successfully mine the Internet to obtain confidential financial information about billionaires including a friend of President George W. Bush.

He organized and ran a successful Internet identity theft ring, targeting clients in Texas, California and other states where property and deed information could be obtained through the Internet.

He now works as a computer security consultant.