IRL Name: 
Shawn Webb

Lattera is a longtime part of the SX Crew, having joined on 5 August, 2010. Prior to this, he was most well known for his work with libhijack. Since then, he has focused greatly on hardening BSD, much to the extent where he started HardenedBSD with Oliver Pinter. During this time he has presented his work to numerous events. Currently, lattera is a part of the high council of the crew and is looking to further his progress with HBSD.


Works in infosec

Is crazy enough to attempt porting grsec/pax functionality to freebsd

Due to having worked with SX crew members before, he was exempted from being a recruit and inductee.


Thinks freebsd is 1337

Almost got 0wned for offending blackhats

His talk on HardenedBSD was rejected by Defcon in favor of shitty, rehashed talks about finding vulnerabilities on websites.