Maxim Dounin

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Maxim Dounin

Maxim Dounin is a former principal software engineer at F5 and an Nginx core developer. He has quit the Nginx project, stating that he no longer sees it as "a free and open source project… for the public good." His fork, freenginx, is "going to be run by developers, and not corporate entities," writes Maxim Dounin, and will be "free from arbitrary corporate actions."

Dounin is one of the earliest and most active coders on the open source Nginx project and one of the first employees of Nginx, Inc., a company created in 2011 to commercially support the steadily growing web server.

Dounin opposed the assigning of published CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) to bugs in aspects of QUIC. While QUIC is not enabled in the most default Nginx setup, it is included in the application's "mainline" version, which, according to the Nginx documentation, contains "the latest features and bug fixes and is always up to date."


Author of the fork freenginx