Natalya Kaspersky

IRL Name: 
Natalya Kaspersky

Natalya Ivanovna Kasperskaya, or Natalya Kaspersky is one of the famous women working in the IT Security Industry. She was the Co-founder and Chairwoman of the Russian antivirus software company Kaspersky Lab. Until 2007 she was CEO of Kaspersky Lab and then stepped back from CEO position in Kaspersky Lab and took over a daughter company, InfoWatch. She is the co-founder and director in the companies Nanosemantics, virtual talking agents, and Kribrum, social media monitoring.


The ex-wife of Eugene Kaspersky, a cryptologist and Kaspersky Lab CEO.

A major shareholder of a German IT security vendor cynapspro GmbH which is also the strategic partner of InfoWatch.

Used to be the Anti-virus manager at STC in the years 1994 – 1997.