IRL Name: 
Luke McOmie

Pyr0 is a Senior Contest Goon /Retired Security Goon & reported to be one of the more "serious" hackers that attend defcon. He is promoted to be able to get past any barrier be it physical or software wise to achieve his goal. We believe there may be some exaggeration of this, but he's got a wide range of knowledge in his reported 19 years (as of this writing) worth of experience.

Superpowers: Making things go BOOM, the ability to control large groups of unfriendly people with a single glance, and stealing all your infoz! (I'm in your corporation, bypassin' all your controls!)
Best con moment: I can't legally answer that.
Worst con moment: Realizing that some of the best people I have ever known will never be attending con again. (R.I.P. - PacBell/ P4ntz / Shadow / Ghent)
Favorite con event: Gooning / Drop kicking misbehaving children / 303 Party
PGP Key: on my servers Smile
Introduced by: self
Involved since: DEF CON 6
Contact: pyr0 at pyr0 dot net | Web Page:


Has NSA certifications IAM & IEM

Works as Director of Lambda Labs, a research and development division of Red Lambda, Inc.


Use to be a Fed

He's still on "the payroll"