ThE ShAd0W


ThE ShAd0W is one of the members of the Syrian Electronic Army who is the second most active member of the organization after Th3 Pr0 and is known to be a member of the underground Arabic-language hacking forum,

Th3 Pr0

IRL Name: 
Hateem Deeb

Th3 Pr0 is said to be the leader of the Syrian Electronic Army who maintained a website at He also works together with SyRiaN Cyb3r Army and T34M ERR0R.

The Pro

IRL Name: 
Ali Farha

The Pro is the leader of the Syrian Electronic Army, which has recently made headlines by hacking into the Twitter accounts of numerous media accounts, ranging from the Associated Press to The Guardian.

There have been three attempts by hackers to publicly out, or D0X, The Pro. THISISGAME0VER claims that he is AMMARA REDA, age 27 (here: A separate unknown actor D0Xed The Pro as Ali Farha of Drums, Pennsylvania (here: The second D0X is notable, as the actor stated in a TV interview that his first name was Ali (here:

Email Accounts:

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