Th3 0uTl4wS


IRL Name: 
Chokri Ben Achour

Meister is a Tunisian coder, pentester, reformed defacer, exploiter and the web administrator of which is the home of the Th3 0uTl4wS Team. His website contains exploit databases, tools, projects, guides, links, and open source scripts. The website is also known for their online tools like the Admin page finder, PHP Obfuscator, JS Encryptor, Online photoshop editor, Unescape Encoder/Decoder, Base64 Converter, Combinations calculator and many more.

He has discovered multiple vulnerabilities in famous websites and services like TRUSTe Seals, Drupal, DIS Banking , XeroBank , International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), La Poste FR or USGS Gov.

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