Simon Kågström

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Simon Kågström

Simon Kågström lives in Karlskrona, Sweden and works as a PhD student at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola where he is researching about operating systems. He used to attend local hacker-meetings, called "Hackernätter" in Umeå and that he was known for his interests in programming especially in non-productive projects, computer games, obsolete PDAs without resources, and buggy compilers using an emulator in emulated MS Windows. He owns a REX 6000 "microPDA" which has an 8-bit Z80 CPU. He have done some programming for the REX like: REX Tafl (board game for the REX 6000), REX Adventure (adventure-game library), REX Arkanoid ( breakout/arkanoid-style smash-the-bricks game), and have also written a few utilities for REX development.

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