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Bruce Potter

Bruce Potter is the chief technologist and cofounder of Ponte Technologies. Prior to founding Ponte Technologies, Mr. Potter served as a Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton for almost four years where he lead a team focusing on emerging technologies such as wireless security, software assurance, trusted computing, and advanced computer network defense capabilities. In his role at Booz Allen, Mr. Potter served as a technologist overseeing a variety of client engagements as well as managing the day to day operations and logistics of his team. Prior to joining Booz Allen, Mr. Potter held several jobs focused on security and network operations including managing network and security operations for Network Solutions and CTO for a transaction processing startup in Anchorage, Alaska. Mr. Potter has coauthored a number of books including "802.11 Security" and "Mastering FreeBSD and OpenBSD Security" published through O'Reilly. Mr. Potter also regularly writes articles and presents at a wide variety of security conferences. Mr. Potter is the founder of The Shmoo Group of security, crypto, and privacy professionals. Through The Shmoo Group, Mr. Potter assists with a number of open source projects and the yearly ShmooCon security conference held in Washington, DC.

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