Wau Holland

IRL Name: 
Herwart Holland-Moritz

Herwart Holland-Moritz, aka Wau Holland, was born December 12, 1951 and died July 29, 2001 from complications caused by a brain stem stroke. He co-founded the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in 1981, one of the world's oldest hacking clubs, as well as the CCC's hacker magazine Datenschleuder in 1984.

Holland fought against copy protection and censorship, and for an open information infrastructure. He compared the censorship demands by some governments to those of the Christian church in the Middle Ages and regarded copy protection as a product defect.


Gave lectures on information control for both the government and private sectors.

Spent a lot of his time in a youth center teaching children both the ethics and the science of hacking.