IRL Name: 
Jacob Appelbaum

A former member of the cDc and a self-described "hacktivist", he is an independant computer security hacker and co-founder of the hackerspace Noisebridge. Known for his research into Cold Boot Attacks on encrypted systems in order to retrieve keys stored in DRAM, and for identifying a vulnerability in the Internet Public Key Infrastructure allowing the creation of rogue Certification Authority certificates trusted by all common web browsers. He is a security specialist for non-profit/NGO organizations and has worked with Greenpeace, The Open Society Institute, Tactical Tech, The Ruckus Society, The Rainforest Action Network and others.

In 2016, he was accused of harassing, plagiarizing, humiliating, and abusing (sexually, emotionally, and physically) by a number of people on His response was that the allegations are part of a concerted strategy to damage his reputation.

In response to the allegations the Cult of the Dead Cow, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and Noisebridge ended their association with him. The Chaos Computer Club announced that he was no longer welcome. Appelbaum's Berlin apartment was painted with graffiti in the form of an epithet historically used by U.S. feminists in the 1970s to mark the homes of alleged sexual abusers.


An avid environmental and human rights activist and official ambassador of monochrom, an international art-technology-philosophy group.

Formerly employed by Tor

Called "the most charismatic plagiarist, opportunist, rapist & sociopath I know." by Nick Farr on twitter


Looks up to Captain Crunch for his "energy workout" legacy

Isn't actually a rapist, but setup by the man