IRL Name: 
Thomas Swingler

Thomas Swingler was charged in federal court in New York with trafficking in unlawful access devices for his online business The site, still in operation, sells "pre-modded" Motorola Surfboard modems for between $38 and $58 that can be customized by the owner without a cable company's knowledge. Among other things, the user can set their own upload and download rates, and change the MAC address — the unique identifier normally hard-coded into a modem. While known as a bot net script kiddie and a general douchebag among various circles, he gained notoriety when he took things to a new level of stupidity by selling preconfigured modified modems to the FBI. It is also important to note that he was kicked out of SBHacker for "breaking a contract, lying, scamming, juping, being an all-around asshole/douchebag, and crossing some legal boundaries by publicly encouraging theft of service and bragging about his botnets".


Had public pictures on his own server where the numbers on his paypal debit card were clearly visible

AIM Screen name is mastadogg2

Denied story by Kevin Poulsen even though it was obviously true


Is a snitch

Has a fake nose

Is a virgin