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Lauri Love

Charged with hacking into the computer networks of the US military and Nasa, causing millions of dollars of damage.
Lauri Love, an activist in the Occupy movement, is alleged to have stolen ‘massive amounts’ of confidential information – including details of military servicemen – by breaking into thousands of computers.
The 28-year-old from Stradishall, Suffolk, is said to have bragged in messages with his co-conspirators: ‘You have no idea how much we can f*** with the US government if we wanted to’.

Love was described as a ‘sophisticated and prolific’ hacker in court documents filed in New Jersey, where he is charged with one count of accessing a US department or agency computer without permission and another charge of conspiracy.
The operation was carried out by the National Crime Agency, the new elite force known as 'Britain's FBI'.


from Stradishall, Suffolk

arrested by National Crime Agency

son of a British Baptist minister


Love has previously been a leader in the Occupy protest movement