quicksnap - A Python Script to Automate Scanning Options for Nmap

I just released a new script called quicksnap and it can be found here: https://www.soldierx.com/sxlabs/quicksnap-Customized-Automatic-Scanner-Nmap !

quicksnap is a simple python script to make your scanning easier by automating some of the scanning options for Nmap like ping scan, intense scan, normal scan, quick traceroute, etc. without needing to type the options . This script is based on Zenmap and 3 Common Firewall Detection / Evasion Techniques. As a side note, I coded quicksnap out of boredom and to automate the task of my new hobby - scanning Huawei bm622 routers and get their MAC addresses (but seriously I just use the ping scan option for this).

Scanning Options:
[1] Intense Scan
[2] Intense Scan + UDP
[3] Intense Scan - all TCP ports
[4] Intense Scan w/out ping
[5] Ping Scan
[6] Quickie Scan
[7] Quick Traceroute
[8] Normal Scan
[9] Send Bad Checksums
[10] Generate Random Mac Adress Spoofing for Evasion
[11] Fragment Packets
[12] Check for Possible Vulnerabilities