Similar to Caller ID for your telephone, CallerIP shows you who is connecting to your system at any time.
# Plot all connections
This feature enables you to have CallerIP plot all the connections on the world map. This in turn allows for easy and quick analysis of where connections made to/from your machine reside.
# New look table
The new look table includes gradient fills. This means the color of the row in the table depends on the threat of the connection. If the connection being made to your machine is harmless then the gradient will be green. Another quick an easy way to identify the threat of a connection.
# Condensed CallerIP
CallerIP now allows you to minimize it to a very small and detailed dialog box. The small window gives you everything you need to know but stays in the background.
# Realtime monitoring instantly identifies suspect activity and spyware
CallerIP monitors all connections to and from your system and actively scans ports for possible back doors that allow unauthorized access.
# Identifies the country of origin for all connections
A connection to/from a high-risk country is a key indicator of suspect activity and could likely be someone looking to steal your confidential information or compromise your system. CallerIP shows you the country location of connections so you can identify suspect activity and protect your information.
# Network Provider reporting with abuse reporting information
See the contact and abuse reporting information for the company providing internet access for an IP address or website, so you can easily report hackers or Internet abuse.
# Worldwide Whois reports
CallerIP Pro queries worldwide databases to report the up-to-date registration information for the 'owner' of an IP address or domain. Information includes name, address, phone and email contact information.
# Detailed log of connection history with search options
Each connection or attempted connection is automatically logged, with search capabilities for quick lookups of past connection activity.

Advanced Features

# The Advanced Edition includes all the standard features plus:
# CallerIP Server
Allows you to monitor your machine from a remote location. You can view the Caller History and Current Callers list in a browser window from anywhere in the world. Keep tabs on your home PC from the office of vice versa. No need to worry about your PC being connected to without your permission. The ultimate in PC security. Screenshot.
# Improved logging technique
Searching large log files is literally hundreds of times faster than before. Find any IP or connection in lightning quick time.

Automated alerts of high-risk connections
Instant notifications for high risk or suspect connections are provided by email, pop-up window, or color-coded reports. And customizable alerts enable you to see an alarms for a connection by type (incoming/outgoing), country of origin, IP address, port or process name.