1. Enable network proxy
2. Snapshot file system
3. Install App
4. Decrypt app
5. Snapshot file system
6. Binary analysis:
a. PIE enabled?
b. Stack smashing protection enabled?
c. Reference counting enabled?
d. Class-dump or class-dump-z
e. XML processors installed?
f. Jailbreak Detection?
ii. (if yes, disable)
7. Runtime Analysis:
a. Use the app and record data
b. Certificate enforcement
i. if yes, bypass (import cert, hook cert functions)
c. Snapshot file system
d. Analyze shanpshot diffs
i. Locate storage of sensitive data
1. Was it stored securely?
ii. Protocol handlers installed?
e. Locate transmission of sensitive data
i. Was it transmitted securely?
ii. Privacy Analysis
1. Did the app transmit Contacts?
2. Did the app transmit Calendar?
3. Did the app transmit Location?
4. Did the app store a location log?
a. What was the granularity of the location?
5. Did the app transmit UDID?
f. Abuse the app and record data
i. If protocol handlers in use, can they be abused?
ii UIWebView in use?
1. Attempt XSS
a. Attempt to exploit objc bridge
iii. XML in use?
1. Attempt local XML attacks
iv. Attempt buffer overflows
v. Attempt format string attacks
vi. Attempt local file traversal
vii. Attempt local SQLi
viii. Logic flaw abuse
ix. (If in scope - Server side analysis)
g. Snapshot file system
h. Analyze snapshot diffs
i. As findings are discovered, repeat any steps in 7. as needed

SiRA is able to automate or semi-automate many of the steps involved in an application
assessment. SiRA includes some assistance for all 7 of the major methodology steps outlined
above. Not all automatable substeps are currently implemented, but work is ongoing. In
addition, SiRA provides a convenient single location for a variety of manual and semi-automated
functionalities. Finally, SiRA can automate your automation by providing a step-by-step guided
methodology walkthrough with SiRA CruiseControl. SiRA CruiseControl will automatically
perform some steps, and will inform the user when it is time to perform a manual step. When
the user indicates the step is complete, SiRA moves on to the next phase of the methodology.
All file system changes are catalogued and tricky file formats are automatically decoded
for ease of reference. In addition, automatic analysis will attempt to find security issues
automatically during the assessment.

Credit given to authors located at the links below: