Bitcoin Mining for SX

Bitcoin mining is the latest craze in utilizing your wasted GPU resources! If you're not familiar with Bitcoins please read up on and Wikipedia - Bitcoin. Our bitcoin mining account is part of the Deepbit pool. To get started, follow these easy steps:

** If you are running Windows and want a simple package, download, unrar, and run the batch in

Step 1 -- Find a client
Find yourself a supported mining client. Supported clients are listed on Deepbit's home page, and command-line arguments are in the help section. I use the Phoenix miner which by default uses poclbm as its kernel, but you can use any supported client.

Step 2 -- Setup your shit
Set yourself up a script for each of your GPUs (I know some of you out there probably have 6 or something ridiculous like that). Here are my two batch files I use for my dual-GPU setup:

@echo off
title - Phoenix Miner SX

@echo off
title - Phoenix Miner SX

Step 3 -- Tweak it
Different clients have different options for tweaking. There are a few options you might need to adjust for Phoenix:
VECTORS should be enabled unless you're using old hardware. I'm not really sure what's old and what wouldn't support this, so leave it on unless you have problems.
BFI_INT should be enabled with newer AMD/ATI graphics hardware. This probably means HD 5xxx+, or maybe just HD 6xxx+. If it doesn't work, take it out, but this should add some efficiency to your hashing if your card supports it.
WORKSIZE is by default the largest your hardware supports. I've only played with this a little, but 128 works fine for me.
AGGRESSION will highly affect your hash rate and computer responsiveness. 10 is default. I haven't seen much of a difference for me above 10, except that my computer slows down and I piss off everyone in my SC2 game.

Step 4 -- Get personal
If you'd like a personal worker account so that your shares submitted are separate from everyone else's, contact RaT and he'll provide you with a username/password. This is necessary if you want to participate in any future bitcoin-mining contests.