2009 Wallpaper Contest

This contest ended on April 30, 2010.

First place went to Rocket. He gave his VIP access away to Ph4nt0m for his work on the multi-boot MRI project

Thanks to buggy for the suggestion on the forums. SOLDIERX proudly presents the official 2009 SX Wallpaper Contest. The contest begins now and lasts until 04-30-2010. For all of you that like to write, don't forget about our 2009 Tutorial Contest. Here are the details about the 2009 SX Wallpaper Contest:

  • Image must be a minimum size of 1024x768 (any size larger is fine, dimensions are up to you)
  • Image must have something to do with SOLDIERX
  • Image should be emailed to [email protected]
  • Image should be in jpg/png/psd format (contact RaT if there is another format that you'd like to use)
  • You can enter as many submissions as you want
  • We are not sure how we will do the voting for the Wallpaper Contest, but we are considering doing it per member. That means all of your points are combined for your various works. So let's say picture A gets 20 votes and picture B gets 15 votes. That would give you 35 votes Smile

    Good luck everybody! Check out SX Propaganda for ideas.

    1st Place wins a SOLDIERX T-Shirt and VIP access. For right now we are only having a 1st place. If we receive enough entries, we may have 2nd and 3rd place winners.

    Current Submissions:

    Author: Image Name/Link: Date:
    xdevilsownx Fight For Freedom of Information 04-30-2010
    iamERROR SX Alien 04-30-2010
    monomo Network Static 04-26-2010
    Rocket Hidden 04-26-2010
    Rocket Deuce 04-26-2010
    subzz33ro Hacking Is No Crime 05 04-09-2010
    subzz33ro Hacking Is No Crime 04 04-09-2010
    subzz33ro Hacking Is No Crime 03 04-09-2010
    subzz33ro Hacking Is No Crime 02 04-09-2010
    subzz33ro Hacking Is No Crime 01 04-09-2010
    Nights SX Warrior (With Text) 04-05-2010
    Nights SX Warrior (Without Text) 04-05-2010
    Rocket Zombie Murder 04-04-2010
    Rocket SX Cloud 02-19-2010
    Rocket SX Hybrid 02-19-2010
    Rocket Old No § Brand Filter 02-17-2010
    Rocket Shiner Beer 02-17-2010
    Rocket SX Pyramid 02-17-2010
    Rocket SX Squad 02-17-2010
    Rocket Very Bad Packet 02-17-2010
    Rocket SX Eye 02-04-2010
    Nights SX 01-19-2010
    BigTex Taking over the World 01-02-2010
    Rocket SX Circuit 2 Wallpaper 12-18-2009
    FoRM SX Communist Wallpaper 11-18-2009