2010 Tutorial Contest

SOLDIERX proudly presents the official 2010 Tutorial Contest. This contest has been extended until February 28, 2011. This gives everybody an extra month to work on their tutorials. Rather than having a single winner this year, we will actually have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places with much better prices! The prizes are as follows:

1st Place - Used Dell Inspiron 1150 (go here for stats) or $10 * the number of quality tutorials submitted (so 10 quality tutorials would be $100) and a SOLDIERX T-Shirt + VIP combo.

2nd Place - SOLDIERX T-Shirt + VIP Combo

3rd Place - SOLDIERX VIP

Tutorials can be anything computer related but preferably should have something to do with hacking, cracking, security, privacy, etc.
Please send all submissions in .txt format to [email protected] with the subject "Tutorial Contest submission". Any questions should be posted to the forums or sent to RaT.

Current Submissions:

Author: Tutorial: Date:
Amp Running homebrew on the PSP-Go and PSPs running version 6.20 firmware 12-31-2010
Psychlone AMD Overclocking Guide 12-31-2010
jokawild Laptop Overclocking: Unleashing The Beast 12-31-2010
DRONZER Step-By-Step PC Repair 12-31-2010
zkoolkyle iPhone: Dumping Game Memory and Injecting Custom Code into Games 12-12-2010