2010 Wallpaper Contest

This contest ended on January 1, 2011.

First place went to Psychlone. Details are available here

Here are the details about the 2010 SX Wallpaper Contest:

  • Image must be a minimum size of 1024x768 (any size larger is fine, dimensions are up to you)
  • Image must have something to do with SOLDIERX
  • Image should be emailed to [email protected]
  • Image should be in jpg/png/psd format (contact RaT if there is another format that you'd like to use)
  • You can enter as many submissions as you want
  • The voting for the 2010 Wallpaper contest will be per member. That means all of your points are combined for your various works. So let's say picture A gets 20 votes and picture B gets 15 votes. That would give you 35 votes Smile

    Good luck everybody! Check out SX Propaganda for ideas.

    1st Place wins a SOLDIERX T-Shirt and VIP access. For right now we are only having a 1st place. If we receive enough entries, we may have 2nd and 3rd place winners.

    Current Submissions:

    Author: Image Name/Link: Date:
    Psychlone Classic Background Revisited 12-31-2010
    Rocket Sands 12-30-2010
    Psychlone Come To The Wired 12-29-2010
    Psychlone Colors 12-29-2010
    Psychlone In RaT We Trust 12-24-2010
    Psychlone The Daily Damnit 12-24-2010
    Psychlone Special X Reserve 12-24-2010
    Psychlone Pixelated 12-24-2010
    Psychlone One Nation 12-24-2010
    Psychlone Eyes Only 12-24-2010
    Psychlone Trans-dimensional Traveler 12-23-2010
    Psychlone We Are The Machine 12-23-2010
    Psychlone SX Carbon 12-23-2010
    Psychlone Sumerian Star Chart 12-23-2010
    Psychlone Sumerian SOLDIERX Warrior 12-23-2010
    Psychlone SX Map 12-22-2010
    Psychlone SX Alert 12-22-2010
    Psychlone Dream Infiltration 12-22-2010
    Psychlone Crop Circles 12-22-2010
    Psychlone Absence of Light 12-22-2010
    Psychlone Knowledge is Power 12-22-2010
    Psychlone Insemination Complete 12-22-2010
    Psychlone Reflection 12-22-2010
    Rocket Patina 12-21-2010
    scottycali4nia Smoky One 12-18-2010
    Octhrope SX Cube Lights 12-13-2010
    Octhrope SX Wargames 12-13-2010
    falconeer SX Purple Blur 12-10-2010
    falconeer SX Blue Blur 12-10-2010
    Octhrope SX Blocks 12-07-2010
    Octhrope SX Tri Skull 12-07-2010
    Octhrope SX Space Invaders 12-07-2010
    Octhrope SX Lite Bright 12-07-2010
    Octhrope SX Spiral 11-21-2010
    Octhrope SX Thumb Print 11-21-2010
    Octhrope SX Binary 11-21-2010
    Kalit101 One Religion-Knowledge 11-17-2010
    Psychlone Tree of Life 11-14-2010
    Psychlone Third Degree 11-14-2010
    Psychlone God Code 11-14-2010
    Psychlone Heiroglyphics 11-14-2010
    Psychlone Esoteric Technology 11-14-2010
    ZeRoSeVeN zeROs 11-14-2010
    Psychlone Arcane Knowledge 11-06-2010
    Psychlone The Writing On The Wall 11-06-2010
    Psychlone In Search Of More Light 11-06-2010
    Psychlone Covert Tech 11-06-2010
    Verflixte Kiste Crystal Ball 11-01-2010