quicksnap - A Python Script to Automate Scanning Options for Nmap

I just released a new script called quicksnap and it can be found here: https://www.soldierx.com/sxlabs/quicksnap-Customized-Automatic-Scanner-Nmap !

quicksnap is a simple python script to make your scanning easier by automating some of the scanning options for Nmap like ping scan, intense scan, normal scan, quick traceroute, etc. without needing to type the options . This script is based on Zenmap and 3 Common Firewall Detection / Evasion Techniques. As a side note, I coded quicksnap out of boredom and to automate the task of my new hobby - scanning Huawei bm622 routers and get their MAC addresses (but seriously I just use the ping scan option for this).

Scanning Options:
[1] Intense Scan
[2] Intense Scan + UDP
[3] Intense Scan - all TCP ports
[4] Intense Scan w/out ping
[5] Ping Scan
[6] Quickie Scan
[7] Quick Traceroute
[8] Normal Scan
[9] Send Bad Checksums
[10] Generate Random Mac Adress Spoofing for Evasion
[11] Fragment Packets
[12] Check for Possible Vulnerabilities

Planned Site Outage 01-12-2013

We are moving the physical location of the server tonight at approximately 10pm CST. The site will most likely only be down for around 30 minutes, but it may be down for 1-2 hours. This is the last planned change for our server, and should result in a slightly more reliable site due to better networking, colder temperature, and more reliable power. Thank you for your understanding.

Hacker Database (HDB) in the News

Unless if you've been hiding under a rock the past week, you've noticed that our HDB has been getting quite a bit of attention on news sites, twitter, IRC, and mailing lists. As a result, our site is under heavy load (right after I downgraded the server, FML). I wanted to make a news post to clear up a few things about the HDB - as there has been quite a bit of confusion and even some bitching about it.
The HDB's main purpose is to preserve hacker history and give a list of hackers and their public exploits. With that being said, we've had various crew members add entries since 2008. As a result, some of the details are somewhat out of date and many people have yet to be added. We are doing the best that we can, but we have very limited resources. We are not the FBI, we do not have stacks of government money and a network of snitches to provide information to us. If you know of somebody that should be added, or details that should be added - please contact scryptz0 ([email protected]). You will know that the HDB is complete when I am in it. To set the example and not media whore, I have instructed the crew that I cannot be added until everybody else has been. I hope this post shines some additional light on the current state and purpose of the HDB.

New Exploitation Tutorial From jip (Just in Time for Christmas)

jip has released his first tutorial, entitled "Stack Smashing On A Modern Linux System". It's a modern look (and spin) on exploitation that was very popular in the early days of SX. Please take a look at the tutorial, located at https://www.soldierx.com/tutorials/Stack-Smashing-Modern-Linux-System. Happy holidays!

jip and scryptz0 Promoted to SX Crew

It is with great honor that I would like to announce the High Council's decision to promote both jip and scryptz0 to the status of full crew members of SOLDIERX. jip is now the Tutorials Curator and scryptz0 is now the HDB Curator. As with all members promoted to the status of full crew, we hope that jip and scryptz0 will continue their efforts and show the same enthusiasm and workmanship that they showed during their inductee status. Congratulations to both of you!

Server Upgrades Complete

Server upgrades are finally complete. A number of issues caused these upgrades to go much slower than anticipated, so we apologize for the delay. All of our annual contests were originally planned to be released today, but due to these delays they will be released shortly (most likely this weekend). Thank you again for your patience!

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