Libhijack 0.6 Released!

I'm very proud to announce libhijack 0.6 today. Version 0.6 contains no new features. However, I have ported libhijack to FreeBSD/amd64. I do not plan to support 32bit on FreeBSD. However, if someone wants to add 32bit support, I will gladly accept patches. When I first started this project a few months ago, I thought that FreeBSD's runtime linker (aka RTLD, the executable that loads your program into memory) would have been implemented similar to GNU's runtime linker. It turns out I was very wrong. FreeBSD's RTLD is much different--and, in my opinion, better--than GNU's.

Every single API call works fully on FreeBSD. No API function signatures have been changed. Meaning, the same exact calls you would make on Linux would be the same exact calls on FreeBSD. This is no easy feat on a project like libhijack. Please note that since we're still not a 1.0 release, the API is still subject to change.

HDB Curator Position Open Again

Once again, we are looking for a curator for our Hacker Database (HDB). Last opening - Alien51, georGEO, and jip all applied. We found that jip would be better suited working towards the group in exploit development. Alien51 and georGEO failed to meet the requirements for the position. If you do not have time to dedicate to this position, please don't apply. The duties include making sure all of the information in the HDB is up to date as well as creating new entries as information becomes available. While SOLDIERX currently has the largest HDB on the internet (rumored to only be rivaled by the FBI's hacker database), our HDB has not been updated enough lately.

Second Stage Voting for 2011 Wallpaper Contest Begins Now

The top 5 contestants (in order of votes) are Nu11By73, Sunnycat, DDR-MMPR, Alien51, and lucidentity. I have contacted them so that they can decide on one submission which will be voted on by the SX High Council. Results should be out some time this week. Best of luck to everybody and a huge thanks for everybody that submitted this year. I look forward to even more submissions for the 2012 Wallpaper Contest.

Official Support of

To give our thanks for all of the security that grsecurity has provided our servers, we will be donating $25 per every new feature that is added to the grsecurity project. We will be starting this new donation promise with $50 for GRKERNSEC_PTRACE_READEXEC and GRKERNSEC_SETXID. As a group we don't have much cash to donate, but we feel that we owe something to the grsecurity team. If you happen to care about the security of your Linux system, please check out and donate if possible. Thanks again to Spender and PaX Team for all of their hard work.

2011 Contests Come to a Close, Votes Needed

All of the 2011 Contests have now ended. We need votes for the 2011 Wallpaper Contest. The poll will be open for the next 2 weeks and then the SX Crew will decide on a winner. Please cast your vote by going to All of the artwork is linked at with the artist's username.

Thanks everybody!

Network Upgrade Complete

The network upgrade is now complete. We are still fine tuning our current server to maximize performance with the help of Zee (owner of Please let us know any issues you encounter, to include slowdowns that lead to double posting. Our goal is to have our site running at peak performance for 2012, and then to push out as much content as we can! Thanks to everybody in the community that helped to make this upgrade possible.

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