April Fools....

We hope everybody enjoyed yesterday's April Fools joke.

Geek Squad Acquires SOLDIERX!

After a considerable amount of negotiations, I am proud to announce that that SoldierX has officially become a part of Geek Squad. In recent months, we were contacted by Geek Squad, stating an interest in our services. As other members of the crew were involved with other tasks, I was asked to handle this process on behalf of RaT. Yesterday, the deal was finalized and we at SoldierX are very excited about working with Geek Squad as their security component.

Kayin Releases 16-bit Rijndael Educational Project

In the spirit of educating our community, Kayin has released a 16-Bit Rijndael Project. Much like neotek's webserver project, this is not designed for production use - but rather for educational purposes (NOTE: neotek's webserver could be used for production in embedded systems). Kayin's 16-bit Rijndael only has a 16 bit blocksize and 16 bit key for the purpose of being easy to follow and debug. It is an ideal project to assist users with practicing linear/differential cryptanalysis. We suggest that you check it out. We're hoping to churn out at least one new project in SX Labs per month. Last month we gave you updates to Agent Steal and OFACE.

SX Webserver released, Server Upgrades

First of all, I would like to announce neotek's release of the SX Webserver. It's a simple event driven TCP webserver for educational purposes or embedded devices with very limited resources. I really appreciate neotek taking the ball and coding something for us, particularly since he's our scene guy and really isn't expected to do any programming projects. If you're interested in the basics of how a webserver works, check it out! neotek has stated that if there is enough interest he will continue to add enhancements and possibly even port it to Windows or other operating systems.

We're back... sorta... and news about Shane Tarleton (aka COSCStudent)

Hello again everybody, we are somewhat back - although we are still working out some bugs. Sorry about the "seized by ICE" message. We were getting overwhelmed with emails so we decided to put that up. It did do us some good though, we were able to uncover a few bad apples such as Shane Tarleton (aka COSCStudent). The guy that disseminated MRI to us on multiple occasions and then started the OFACE project (due to how much he hated Geek Squad) was on the Geek Squad private forums declaring our site going down a huge "win". He also portrayed us as some sort of computer repair company, which we aren't. Sorry Shane, none of us clean mouse balls for a living like you - we all work in programming and security. Shane - in the future be careful about playing both sides even if it is on a private forum. We have eyes everywhere.

Soldierx Emergency Maintenance-_-*

This morning we had some emergency maintenance that needed to be performed due to a power outage which out lasted the time span of our UPS's. We are thus looking in to purchasing a generator and other alternative means of power to remedy this solution and ensure it does not happen again in the future. A bit of good news though, the server had been up for 693 days w/o a reboot or going down so I would say given my hosting situation that's not too bad! =]
Power may continue to drop periodically through out the day due to inclement weather conditions. If this does happen we will do our best to keep things online/get things back online as soon as power restores.
Thank you for your patience.


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