New Gaming Area Added To The Forums

I have added a new area to the forums based on discussions I had with RaT about his decision with Amp to have information about console hacking on the site. Please post anything about gaming/console hacking/cheating to the new forum -

Phrack 66 Released

This news post is a little late due to a power outage with our host and is a bit different from our normal news posts. We generally only post news on the main page that is specifically related to SOLDIERX, but I feel that phrack is important enough to be mentioned on our front page. Phrack has been around for a long long time, and is one of the places where I learned much of what I know. I encourage everybody to check out the issue at Particularly Exploiting DLmalloc frees in 2009 and Exploiting TCP and the Persist Timer Infiniteness.

Calling All Geeks - New Blood Needed in SX

After talking with cisc0ninja and Amp in great lengths, we have agreed that we need to get some new blood into SX. This is a call for members, both skilled veterans and neophytes that like to share the information that they learn. We need people to grow our site and our group. The majority of the older members have full time jobs and other responsibilities that limit the amount of work that they can do for the site. Personally I'm in my 30s and my free time is more limited than ever.

SOLDIERX Flash Video Archives

After talking to Amp for some time, he has agreed to upload the old SX Flash Video archives if enough people want to see them. In order to let him know that you want to see them, please make a post to this thread. I'm not sure what the magic number is that he's looking for, but every post will help!

April Fools Aftermath

Ok, some people quickly figured out my news post yesterday was an April Fools joke (and to my knowledge the first one SX has ever done) and got a good laugh from something that will most likely NEVER happen. What I didn't expect though was getting hit with angry messages from people who thought this was real and apparently didn't check the link in that post which was a remix of Rickroll. Hopefully those who did fall for this will learn to be more vigilant with respect to that holiday.


Recently, both me and RaT decided to re-evaluate the direction of the group and our lives as a whole. For the last few months we have felt like something has been missing and that our existance felt kind of empty. Then, after much seeking, we found what was missing and it has given us a new path for SX. We have now dedicated our lives to Jesus Christ and we will work the most to help spread his gospel.

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