We Need Content! New Operating System Tutorial on the Horizon

My biggest complaint with the new soldierx.com so far is the lack of a substantial amount of content. I see that there are new areas and I really dig the new framework, but I still see there is little content for people to read and learn from. I am going to be compiling information as rapidly as I can and adding it to this site in the tutorials section. My first tutorial will be over Operating Systems and will be a focus on Operating Systems from a computer science standpoint. It's not going to be a "how do I copy files" but more of an understanding of how operating systems work.

Bandwidth Upgrade

The bandwidth upgrade has been completed as of 2am this morning, I would personally like to thank RaT and Blake for all their help and efforts making this go as smoothly/fast as possible.
There were some issues in the begining but luckily we were able to overcome them fairly quickly.
I've waited almost a day to make this post because we wanted to ensure that we all got some sleep afterwards and that everything was up and running successfully without error.
I hope everyone is able to notice things working a little bit faster now.
I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks.

January breaks unique visitor records on soldierx.com

Congratulations to everybody that has contributed to soldierx.com, this has been our largest month yet in terms of unique visitors. We have seen a large amount of growth since the launch of the new site. The more that people participate, the more that it makes members of SX want to contribute more content. I know that Amp is working on some tutorials, cisc0ninja is working on some tutorials, lloth is working on some projects, origin is working on content and I am working on a few projects. The new SX Labs is set to launch on 01-31-2009, so make sure to come to the site and check it out.

For whom the bell tolls....

After discussing the matter with RaT, as presidential adviser and a longtime contributor to SoldierX I am recommending at this point in time that the position of Vice President be dissolved. Over the last 9 years, this position has gained a substantial stigma relating to corruption and apathy in relation to those who have served in this position over the longest amount of time. With this in mind I feel that regardless of who steps into this position they will be ineffective at best as a result.

New IRC Network Chosen - Abjects

After many a discussion with Amp, cisc0ninja and other members of SX a new IRC network has finally been decided on. As mentioned in a previous news post, we used to be on axenet and that really seemed to work better than running our own server. Durandal thought we needed our own server so we went with that up until now. The decision to move to this network was heavily influenced by our friends over at Surfboard Hacker (http://www.sbhacker.net). Everything was finalized today and DNS changes have been made. The web IRC client has been updated (although currently without HTTPS).


Just an FYI... to everyone.

We're upgrading our bandwidth soon so sometime right before February we should all see a pretty decent increase in the speed of this site.


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