Tinycore Linux - 11mb Linux Distro

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Has anyone heard of this or checked it out? I installed it yesterday and it's pretty badass for only being 11mb.

The whole idea behind it is to keep the OS as small as possible, but the way it handles packages is what got me. When using the "install to USB drive" tool, it partitioned it into two parts: a 15mb FAT partition for the OS, and the rest of the drive was partitioned to hold all the user files, settings, and "extensions," which are basically applications downloaded via their package manager.

The base os comes loaded with a ton of stuff given that it's only 11 MB. It comes with a simple GUI, control panel, package manager, SSH server, FTP server, DHCP, mounting tool, and more. It even has a pretty toolbar called wbar that tries to look like a Mac toolbar.

The package manager could use some work, but I think it's a sacrifice they made for the sake of space. But it's basically like pacman or apt with a list of packages you can click and install. It resolves the dependencies for you and you're good to go. You can download pretty much anything from there, including ZSNES, which I find extremely useful.

After downloading and customizing it, you're supposed to be able to boot to the flash drive, and given the right parameter, while booting it will load all of your stuff you have and the extensions you downloaded.

Check it out and let me know what you all think. It's only 11MB, and you can run it off a CD at first if you don't have a spare flash drive. It'll run in RAM and you can test it out.