Hacking Google Android on the Samsung Moment

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I figured it was about time I upgrade my cellular phone to something I really wouldn't mind having for years to come. After much deliberation, I ended up going with the Samsung Moment. This decision was ultimately attributed to the fact that the Samsung Moment runs on the Google Android mobile operating system. You may ask, "but why not an iPhone?" To which I would be forced to chuckle as I began to iterate upon the fact that the iPhone operating system is closed source, whereas Android is not only open source, but also runs on the Linux kernel. That's certainly not to say that the iPhone isn't, for lack of a better word, amazing. I'm also quite fond of Apple's OS X, from which the iPhone operating system is derived. Still, if it's not open source, please get it the fuck away from me.

Anyhow, I opened this thread in what I believe was the "Computer Hacking" section of the forum as my intent is to slowly accumulate information on customizing the many aspects of my newly acquired sophisticated cellular device in the hopes of documenting my adventures for the sake of those who may be interested.

If you have any links to worthwhile reading in regards to the Android operating system, please post them here as I would love to acquire such knowledge.

Samsung Moment

I wanted to name this thread:
The Chronicles of Numb: Hacking Google Android on the Samsung Moment
...alas, taking SEO into consideration, I figured it would be best to reduce it to: Hacking Google Android on the Samsung Moment

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