Intelligent life on planet earth

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Hey Grey. I'm new here and have been reading lots. Just felt compelled to make this statement.

Quoting you, "Not to get theological here, but I think the message they are portraying is working against what they claim to be teaching. yet, I'm sure you cherish your freedom of speech as opposed to the next person, so why take it away from others? I am not saying I agree or disagree with what they are saying but they are afforded their first amendment rights to freedom of speech and I don't feel comfortable impeding on another's rights like that. if anyone has a problem then they should take it up directly with them." from

Your statement says tons about your integrity and ethics, and I applaud you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cudos and keep up the good work!!! Though much of what is written here, I haven't read yet, you get my vote for favorite member.


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