need help to hack email of suspect of my fathers murder

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my father was murderd a few days ago and i just found out about it yesterday. his killers are still on the loose. he was in panama in a small town with 6 cops one vehicle and not known for detective work. the embassy says we are basically at the mercy of the police there. the embassy has been pretty much useless to us. some people have blogged about his murder
the ladys email is [email protected]
my sister just looked her up on myspace and some of milenas friends are friends with my sister on facebook! i havnt looked yet but my sister says they look like there in a gang and got money. she says that when she tries to click on these friends that theyve got her blocked. they played my dad beat him to death and stole his stuff. please anyone with skills i need help! i need to hack her email and if possible her system and trace her.