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Sooo i had this amazing idea one day and im wondering if its possible. Laughing out loud so here it is, is it possible to encode a operating system and a machine to use the brain or "Brain Power" as a processor to increase the processing speed of the Systems machine and OS by theoretically ten fold of what a quad core puts out in terms of Ghz. i came to this by wondering what we could do with the rest of our brain because we only use a small chunk of it. of course if this were possible it would be most likely Extremely Painful. this is just a theory. and another thing what if we create a more complex computing system ie binary instead of 00,01,10 etc. but add a digit or two to create a bigger memory base to work off of. so like 00,01,10,02,20

there just ideas thats why i posted them in the newbie questions. Smile and the fact that im a newb.